Laurel Howe, M.A.
Depth Psychotherapy

Depth Psychotherapy

In depth psychotherapy you are nourished by the growth and growing awareness of your own, native individuation.What is Depth Psychotherapy?

Depth psychotherapy works from the inside out, relying on the wisdom of the unconscious, including dreams, to unveil the meaning and purpose of your individual life.

Through depth psychotherapy you may discover your unique path in the world, develop your inborn, individual potential, and unravel your singular life meaning.

You record your dreams (both waking and sleeping) and work primarily from those images, delving into the meaning of your own mythological material, on both personal and archetypal levels.

You find yourself growing, becoming more genuinely and deeply related to others, and resolving inner and outer conflicts in unexpected and wholly original ways. Eventually you find yourself in relationship with a part of yourself that has always been there, that wants to know you and wants to be known by you.





Depth psychotherapy helps with:

creative blocks
personal growth & development

Above all, it helpsĀ uncover the meaning in an individual life, meaning that may seem hidden.