Laurel Howe, M.A.



Coming soon: The Wizard, the Egg and Fitcher’s Bird: Returning Spiritual Life to Nature in the Individuation of Women

War of the Ancient Dragon, Alchemical Images in Sandplay, (Fisher King Press) Spring, 2016. Detailed alchemical study of the sandplay case of a six-year-old bully who burned, tortured, flooded, and finally resurrected a new king, indicating the advent of an adapted attitude. “Remarkably grounds what can be very illusive alchemical imagery into psychological experience.”

Wisdom has Built Her House: Psychological Aspects of the Feminine, November, 2019. Chapter entitled, “Redeeming Mary Magdalene: Feminine Side of the Death and Resurrection Archetype. This article traces the symbolism of Mary Magdalene from the early days of Christianity through the present. In 2016, Pope Frances officially named her the First Apostle, capping a long history in which Mary has fascinated church exegetes. The article examines the nature of this fascination as it reveals Mary’s archetypal role, which we could call the anima of the church.

In the writings of church fathers and in legend, Mary has occupied a critical role in the resurrection symbolism. She is the human being in whom the god is realized and redeemed.


Psychological Perspectives

  • “Mary Magdalene: Lover of the Dying and Resurrecting God-Man,” Winter, 2013. Link to Psychological Perspectives article on Mary Magdalene: Mary Magdalene article.pdf.
  •  “War of the Ancient Dragon,” Alchemical images in sandplay, Fall, 2012.
    Editor Margaret Johnson wrote, “Our journal does not usually publish ‘clinical’ cases, but with [this] essay… we would like to make an exception. Our editorial board found that it was valuable above and beyond being a case study because it remarkably grounds what can be very illusive alchemical imagery into psychological experience.” (Link to the full-length book version): (Fisher King Press)
  • Two poems, Vol. 47, Issue 1, 2004.

Jungiana, Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation, Küsnacht, Switzerland

  • “Der Urkrieg des Drachen Feuer, Zerstörung und Erneuerung im Sandspiel,” Reihe A, Band 16, 2010.


  • Mary Magdalene: A Psychological Perspective. Study of Mary Magdalene in Christian, Gnostic, alchemical, and legendary contexts. The psychological perspective allows us to join literal and symbolic understandings of this intriguing feminine principle of renewal.
  • The Return of Eros. Survey of images from pre-Biblical mother religions from 10,000 BC to 500 BC and how their evolution reveals the gestation and birth of spiritual consciousness, eventually personified in the Yahweh god-image, before the feminine disappears from Western religion. The psychological perspective on this evolution helps unveil how Eros has always supported the developing god-image and is preparing for a return to our culture.