Laurel Howe, M.A.


Sandplay Therapy


Because it is nonverbal and completely non-intrusive, sandplay therapy works especially well for children. Sandplay was developed by Dora Kalff, a Swiss student of C.G. Jung and Tibetan Buddhism. Sandplay therapy is specifically Jungian, compared to other, more generic forms of play therapy that may use sand and are usually called sandtray therapy.



Adults may use sandplay as a form of active imagination or contemplative therapy. In sandplay the natural healing and organizing capacity of the psyche arises, allowing conflicts and developmental roadblocks to work themselves through.

Sandplay can be part of the individuation process in an ongoing Jungian analysis, or it can be engaged as a process in and of itself, but it is not required of those who are not interested.


Creative Blocks

Sandplay therapy brings the imagination forward, where it can be actively engaged. In this way sandplay can help resolve creative blocks. You experience creative energy in its direct, image-generating capacity.

As a certified teaching member of the Sandplay Therapists of America and the International Society of Sandplay Therapists, I provide mentorship and consultation to sandplay students working through the certification process.

I teach frequently for the Colorado Sandplay Therapy Association ( and am an advisory board member for that organization.