What is Depth Psychotherapy?


Depth psychotherapy works from the inside out to help you become everything you are meant to be. You slowly unveil your unique, creative, and authentic personality, by connecting to your own inner resources.

Through depth psychotherapy you can discover your unique path in the world, develop your inborn, individual potential, and unravel your singular life meaning.

You don’t follow anyone’s rules or system of meaning, nor do you take anyone’s advice at face value. Rather, you discover for yourself what your inner world wants from you and for you.

You record your dreams (both waking and sleeping) and work primarily from them, delving into the meaning of your own individual, mythological material. You explore the meaning of your own myth on both personal and archetypal levels.

Working with the most reliable and in-depth information you have about yourself — the images and narrative in your dreams — you find yourself growing, becoming more genuinely and deeply related to others, and resolving inner and outer conflicts in unexpected and wholly original ways.

Depth psychotherapy helps with:

creative blocks
personal growth & development

Above all, it helps uncover the meaning in an individual life, meaning that may seem hidden.